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Hobby books when installed with the company, which operates in 2006; child, family and children, research and continued to operate in the areas of health. Long-term research and development work in 2009 after the completion of ‘Adım Adım’ was the launch of Turkey’s first and only “Development Kit” from 9-48 months. Mikadococuk.com is kids book sellers phisically and online store.We provide shopermind e-commerce solutions and ERP Integration with Mikro Erp System. it contains that product, stock and order transfer integrations with mikadococuk.com B2C web application.

Mikadococuk.com – Mobile E-Commerce

Websites usually use responsive web design to provide mobile support to their customers.But its not effective way to support mobile experience for customers.Couse of that mobile and desktop version of web sites should not be has the same user experience.Also while supporting mobile experience with responsive design, people who use website have to download whole web site even if don’t need see, couse of that responsive mean is show the same page with desktop but just hide something and change the design codes. We provide e-commerce site which has developed and designed totaly by mobile, so customers can download data just what you see while open any page to their mobile in mobile e-commerce and can be get real mobile experience while visit the your e-commerce web site as mobile. Mikadococuk.com B2C has been prepared with two software infrastructure on mobile and desktop sides.So they can be provide good experience to their customers in this way.

Mikadococuk.com – Mikro Erp Integration

Nowadays all commerce websites getting lots of orders.While they will get these orders, order processes can be very big and expensive to magane with employes.With this Integration Software Mikadococuk has some of advantage as following

1.Product Transfer Integration

With this option, Mikadococuk can post to mikadococuk.com their all new products on Mikro V15 Erp Application then start to sale them on online store.It can be very efective and fastest way to sale your all new products. This option provide that automaticaly transfer new products to online store from Erp Application when you create new product on your own Erp Application.

2.Product and Stok Update Integration

While you sale your products on your local and online store, you need to keep up to date stock amounts and prices on your online store.But its not possible with employees, it can be so expensive and hard to manage for each moment. This option provide us to fully integration between online store and Erp Application about all updates with product stock amounts and prices.While you sale your products on your local store you do not need to worry about online store, this integration always keep up to date everyting about products.So your online store customers can not order no stock products or can not order with old prices.When you make some discount on your local store, it can also provide you the same discounts on your online store.

3.Order Integration

With this option, Mikado Cocuk can transfer all online store orders to Mikro V15 Erp Application.So they can also be have that all customer and order informations on their Erp Application. In normally, you need to transfer Erp Application manually all customer and order informations.It can be very expensive when you get more than 30 orders.It can take the all day for 2 employees.This app can be transfer more than 100 orders just in a minute without any mistake.Then you can provide fastest order delivery to your customers with this way. This option provide that to transfer following informations; – Customer Card – Customer Invoice and Delivery information – Cargo Information – Order informations. .


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